RESCHOOL would like to thank the individuals and organizations, including the ones listed below, that supported REVOLVE on Kickstarter:

Randy Ziegenfuss, Ed.D.

Katherine Prince

Trax Construction, Inc.

John G Theis, EdD – CEO and Founder of Whole Student Learning

Unrulr Inc

Rick Winter, PRW

Kids First


Julie Miller

Judith Martinez

Christine DeLeon

Monica Snellings

Britt Erickson

Sue Sava/PEBC

Kelly Tenkely, Anastasis Academy

Karen de Zoeten

McDowell Family

Brett Benedetti

VS Furniture-Kristin Anderson

Michael B. Horn

Elizabeth Cordial

Seth Saeugling and Claire Goebel

Jill Hawley

Kevin Gibson and Paola Ramirez

Shannon Spurlock

Mickey Revenaugh, Co-Founder of Connections Academy

Alysa Adkins, Founder of AR Design Shop

Colorado Succeeds

Generation Schools Network

Laura Noonan Consulting, LLC

Education Reimagined

Greater Good Studio

Thomas Gougeon

Getting Smart

Marcia Fulton

Fitzgerald Petersen

Andrew Calkins

Erin Huizenga /

Innovation Unit Australia New Zealand

William J Hall, Author

Setser Group


Donnell-Kay Foundation

Colleen Broderick

Michelle Culver, Reinvention Lab at Teach for America

Amanda Skrzypchak