The Revolve Game



About the Cost

  • The first time you play, it’s the equivalent to spending $40 per participant to attend a training or workshop.
  • Every time you play after that-it’s free
  • It’s a different experience each time because participants will receive a different combination of cards and/or different players are at the table.
  • Players are often inspired to put their own spin on the game once they’ve played a few times.

What’s Included:

All materials can be sanitized between games

  • 1 set of Persona Cards (24)
  • 1 set of Goal Cards
  • 1 set of Challenge Cards
  • 1 set of Interest Cards
  • 1 set of Resource Cards
  • 1 set of Draw Cards
  • Gameplay Guide
  • Debrief Guide

Basics of the Game

  • 4-6 players recommended per box set; larger groups can use multiple box sets.
  • 1 person plays the role of the facilitator/dealer; if using multiple box sets, multiple people play the role.
  • Players each get to explore the persona of a young person ranging in age from 17 to 21 years old.
  • There will be 3-4 rounds which make up a year in the life of a learner.
  • Opportunities and challenges arise throughout the game. Players will make decisions based on the goals, interests, and responsibilities of their learner.
  • At the end of the “year”, players map their cards to RESCHOOL’s framework for learning which has a core purpose of ensuring all learners have access to a multitude of rich developmental experiences that lead to agency, a clear sense of self, and a core set of transferable competencies.
  • Playtime is approximately 90 minutes, including time for introduction, game play, and group debrief.

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